Claiming Our Power

“‪When unique voices

are united in a common cause,

they make history.”

-Gloria Steinem

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The time is now.
Everywhere, women are being called to Rise Up.  To claim our power.  To give power to our voice.  To give voice to our truth.   

I truly believe when we courageously show up, sharing our heart's wisdom with radical candor  - the hard stuff and the hopeful - we no longer have anything to hide and we set ourselves free.

Free to heal.  We are no longer willing to deny the suffering in our own hearts.  We bring tenderness to ourselves first - allowing our hearts to be cracked open - touching our own pain.  Once we learn to deeply care for ourselves, we can then connect with others in the same way.   Inward then outward.

Free to be fully seen.  We are no longer willing to wear a mask that represents who we think we are supposed to be while compromising who we authentically are.  We shimmy in the radiance of our true nature. 

Free to speak up.  We are no longer willing to hold our voices back and maintain vows of silence.  Our words matter and we have some things to say.   We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Free to take a stand.  We are no longer willing to tolerate hate and fear as acceptable ways of treating one another.  A massive open-hearted revolution will change the world.   

Free to be human.  We are no longer willing to subscribe to our "not good enough" stories.  Pleasing and hustling to be liked, pretending to be perfectly put together and constantly proving our worth.  We are already enough, including our messy.  It's a package deal.

Free to lead.  We are no longer willing to ignore our soul's calling and dim our brightness.   First we honor what's rising in us, then we courageously act on it.

This is what Grace is all about.  It's a heartfelt and fierce journey that guides us to courageously rise up, speak our truth and shine brighter in the world.   

Grace's next Sisterhood Circle is happening March 28-30, 2019, in Sedona Arizona. That's the moment when 8-12 badass sisters will become a force - getting real about what we're here to do and reclaiming our power.    

We were born for this moment.



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