SHE Let Go

I see her now, floating with the current, arms outstretched. Her hair framing her face, lips turned up, as if contemplating a recent joke.

This infinite soft body, holding her gently. Her eyes open to the blue sky above.

I remember her fighting the waves, so predictable and unceasing, crashing down as she struggled to catch her breath. The salt water stinging her eyes. The sharp rocks getting closer, yet paralyzed by fear.  Each wall of water pushing her under, disorientated and alone in the silence.

And then she let go.

She reached out for a gentle hand, pulling her to the surface. She filled her lungs with air. She recognized her own power.
She was free.

I watch as she becomes forever unbound.

 -Joanne Stockwell


When I received this poem written by Joanne, I was deeply touched by how her words powerfully express our shared human experience. The constantly evolving and expanding essence of who we’ve been, who we are and who we are becoming.

Our suffering is an invitation toward our awakening. Our discomfort is a training partner that teaches us how to surrender. The spaciousness that results from our courage to turn toward ourselves is the birthplace for our freedom.   

And then we RISE.  Spreading our wings and taking flight. 

In due time, we start all over again.  The reality is, we are never done.  We are always just beginning.  That’s what makes this wild rollercoaster ride called LIFE so damn exhilarating.

Join us for the next Grace Sisterhood Circle.  October 17-19, 2019 in Sedona.  That’s when we will explore the power of letting go as fuel for our rising.

Your badass presence is exactly what we need.


Big Love,

robin rorex