The Way of My Feminine

I wonder what it feels like to melt into my own skin.
Embracing my feminine with a tender kiss. 
Reclaiming the landscape of my heart.

The illumination of my beauty.
The portal of my inspiration.
The source of my wisdom.

The vibration of my truth.
The rhythm of my grace.
The cauldron of my courage.

The way of my feminine.
A windy road that calms inhibition.
And carves a pathway to my soul. 

I am free.

—Robin Rorex


For me, the original F-Word is FEMININE. 

A sign of weakness.  A mysterious force that simply didn't fit into a system ruled by the patriarchy. 

Her innate curiosity collided with the recognition and reward of certainty.  Her desire for connection and community was constrained by the familiarity for control over others.  Her hunger for meaning was suffocated by the shadow of success and accomplishment.

So, I adapted to fit in.  

I learned to overcompensate and lean on assertiveness, which often times treaded on aggressiveness.  I anchored my focus around plans, structure and results. 

Over time, I lost touch with my soul.  But I stayed the course because I didn't know any other way. 

Until one day I broke down.  With no resistance left, I simply surrendered.  I heard my heart weeping and I melted into what I was longing for.  My non-linear, fluid, messy, intuitive, wise self. 

Welcome home feminine power.  Let's create magic together. 

Join Anahata Ananda and myself for the next Grace Sisterhood Circle.  October 17-19, 2019 in Sedona.  That’s when we will reclaim our feminine power.

Your badass presence is exactly what we need.


Big Love,

robin rorex