She's amazing

Grace has fire in her soul, courage in her heart and wisdom in her words.

Life is her teacher.  Fear is her healer.  Love is her liberator.

She trusts that whatever shows up on her life’s path – especially the difficult and painful moments – can become an invitation to open her heart and grow.


Grace Believes In…


Embracing Our Messy

It’s not about perfection, it’s about acceptance. Falling in love with our whole selves - just as we are. The parts that lash out when scared, close down when hurt and blame when shameful.  After all, that’s what makes us perfectly normal, card-carrying emotional human beings.

Calling Upon Faith

The biggest and best version of ourself is born by courageously expanding the edges of our comfort zone.  We’re honest. Growth is uncomfortable.  We’ve never been here before. So, we call upon faith.  Meeting ourselves where we are, giving ourselves permission to be unsettled and then bravely leaping into the unknown.

Growing Together

We are stronger together. We value being real, raw and radically honest with one another.  We are forthright and open about our fears, our failures and our accomplishments. We are in awe of our collective wisdom. We are comforted by knowing that we never walk alone.