She knew


The only way out was in. One day she marched into the fire, determined to set herself free from the fears that held her back. 

She got still.   Wrestled with her discomfort.

Then it began to shift. Her pain transformed into power. Darkness gave way to light. Now she’s having a love affair with her ballsy, wise, soulful, messy self.

           She is the one we have been waiting for.


Grace changes everything.

She wakes up with purpose and intent. She has the grit to get back up when knocked down. She is calm and courageous as she moves onward.

Grace under pressure is one of the most beautiful expressions of bravery we will ever witness. When she is vulnerable enough to speak her truth. When she lets go of who she thinks she should be and melts into who she authentically is. When she lets go of hustling to be liked and realizes she is already enough. In that moment when she becomes real, she inspires others to do the same.

Grace hasn’t become her badass self on her own. She grows and thrives in the collective wisdom of her sisterhood. In community, she gets to see what humanity looks like, how honesty sounds, what self-compassion feels like and where wisdom is sourced from. 

She knows, we are stronger together.  

Join her, as we all grow and learn together, unfolding the mystery of Grace within ourselves.  Facing Fear.  Choosing Love.  Owning Who You Are. Speaking Your Truth.

Courageously and compassionately giving voice to the fire in your soul.

We were born for this moment.