To evolve 

Join us for a heartfelt and fierce immersion into your messy and radiant self.  Together, inspired by the collective wisdom of our tribe and comforted by our tender holding of one another, You will focus on…

Facing Fear.
Choosing Love.  
Owning Who I Am.
Speaking My Truth.
Repeat and Do It Again.

We might do some pretty weird stuff.  At least weird when compared to the normal occurrences of our highly complicated, overly scripted and hyper-busy lives.  Like slow down.  Sit in silence. Take a bath in the healing powers of music.  Create space for your inner wisdom to flow through.

This is deep, spirited and liberating work.  It requires a commitment to be brave, invite curiosity, and stay engaged – even if every last ounce of you wants to run back toward the numbing comfort of chocolate chip ice cream and scrolling Facebook.

Inspired by the Native American Medicine Wheel, our journey will unfold by inviting wisdom from four distinct directions.

We will...

- Shed


What are you ready to let go of?

FEAR.  He binds. ( yes, it’s a him )
Fear is the puppet and self-doubt pulls the strings. 
He is a believable lie that grows in the dark, steeps in isolation and celebrates often with his best friend, shame.  His voice is harsh and biting, reminding us we aren’t “good enough”, at anything. His favorite pastime is suffocating possibility.

The goal isn’t to eradicate fear, although that would be nice.  The goal is to allow fear to ride shotgun on our life's journey without handing over the reins and giving it control over our giddyup. 

- Listen


What sets you free?

LOVE.  She liberates. (of course it’s a her) 
Love is a fierce warrior who speaks her own language. She accepts who we authentically are, believes in our goodness and inspires us to keep growing. At her best, she holds us to a standard of forgiveness, not perfection.  Her deepest desire is to free us from our own self-inflicted suffering.  Self-compassion can always be found in her medicine bag.

Love is the wisdom and great guidance alive in silence. The work isn’t about getting her to show up. The work is quieting the noise in our minds so she has some space to perform her magic.

“ There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen. ”  

- Rise



What authentic superpowers are you ready to claim?

OWNING WHO I AM.  She made a list of the women she admired for their grace, their compassion and their vulnerability.  In her lifetime, Maya, Gloria, HRC, RBG, Pema, Katie and Helen were the courageous pioneers who paved the way.  Michelle, Kamala, Malala, Brene and Glennon - straight up badass.  Remembering the impact of these SHEroes, her heart overflowed with hope and inspiration.  It was then, like a streak of lightening flashing through the sky, she realized that same potential was alive in her.  She screamed at the top of her lungs, for ALL the world to hear, 

I am the one we have been waiting for!

“Finding your authenticity is a beautiful journey.”  
–Elizabeth Gilbert

- Shine



What is your soul’s voice being called to say?

SPEAKING MY TRUTH.   She gave herself permission to go deeper – tasting, chewing, digesting her medicine.  Like the illuminating power of the rising sun it became crystal clear. 

With calm confidence she stood up, stepped into her power and began sharing her story.  She never looked back.

Even though it’s a helluva lot easier to sit on the sidelines and comment on life, it’s not what you were made for.  You were meant to shimmy, shine, shake and stir.  Time to do some Namaslaying!

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