To evolve 

Liberation awaits on the other side of courage.  The courage to be vulnerable. The courage to be seen for who you truly are.  The courage to turn toward discomfort (aka difficult emotions) – even if every last ounce of you wants to run back toward the numbing comfort of chocolate chip ice cream and scrolling Instagram.

Inspired by the Native American Medicine Wheel, your journey toward becoming a courageous truth-teller unfolds by inviting wisdom and growth from four distinct directions.

You Will…

- Shed


What no longer serves me?

FEAR.  Since it binds, let’s start here.

Its voice is harsh and limiting, reminding us we aren’t “good enough”, at anything. Its favorite pastime is suffocating hope and possibility.

The goal isn’t to eradicate fear, although that would be nice.  The goal is to allow fear to ride shotgun on your life's journey without handing over the reins and giving it control over your giddyup. 

Time to LET GO.

- Heal


What truth am I ready to voice?

Life is your teacher. 

Some lessons are uplifting.   Others will take you to your knees.  They all carry potent healing medicine - especially the experiences that really suck. 

Sharing your story is a profoundly powerful way to heal...

What remains hidden has power over you.

What you unveil gives you power over it.

Turn toward the pain. Allow it to transform from your oppressor to your liberator.

No longer having any place to hide, you set yourself free.

Time to BE HEARD.

- Rise



What is my soul calling me toward right now?

Hello Sister.

Your wings are ready.

Fly toward your soul’s truth.

Trust we’ve got you.

Big Love,

Your Badass Wisdom Council

Time to SAY YES.


- Shine


What superpower(s) are mine to claim?

The F-Word.  Femininity.  It’s your tenderness to care.  Your creativity to generate new possibilities.  Your patience to listen.  Your calm presence to settle nerves.  Your intuition to rise above.

 Nothing about that is weak.  Absolutely nothing.

 When your determination to take bold action (masculine) is sourced by fierce love (feminine), you are unstoppable. 

Time to OWN IT.

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We are at a defining moment in our lives.

Will we show up or shut ourselves down?
Will we speak up or silence ourselves?
Will we rise up or dim our brightness?

The choice is ours to make.


Why We Circle?

It’s time for potent women to RISE and generate a new leadership paradigm. 

The world needs our thoughtfulness to hold space for honest dialogue.  It needs our gravitas to speak up and ensure all voices are heard.  It needs our inspiration to manifest the unimaginable. The world needs our medicine.

My commitment through Grace -and in all the work I do -is to activate women to become courageous truth-tellers.  Leading from their hearts, trusting their intuition, sharing their voices and claiming their power.  Creating a (r)evolution that calls forward brave, unapologetic, wise and compassionate feminine leadership.  

I truly believe we were born for this moment.    

Who’s it for?  

Women ready to shatter the fears, limiting beliefs and ways of being that hold them back.

Women ready to reclaim their power and be seen in the world for who they authentically are.

Women willing to look inside and do the hard work around healing and sharing their story.

Women ready to lead from their hearts and own their fierce feminine magic.

Women ready to release their vows of silence and begin speaking their truth.

Women being called to rise up and answer the callings of their soul.  


What’s in it for you?

Quiet the voice of self-doubt

Wholehearted self-acceptance

Tap into inner-wisdom and intuition 

Give power to your voice

Clarity around your soul’s calling

Genuine Sisterhood


How is it structured?

Grace Sisterhood Circles are a journey for women who want to; release fear and quiet their inner-critic, work with the healing power of self-compassion and self-acceptance, tap into their inner-wisdom, be heard and seen for who they authentically are (messy parts included) and step toward their calling. It’s an approach that connects the wisdom of inner-knowing and intuition to practical action in our every day lives.

The Circles are typically led by 2 facilitators, with a maximum of 12 women. Because we use nature as one of our teachers, our preferred sites are Sedona Arizona and Joshua Tree California. 

For individuals: We will be announcing upcoming program dates and you can sign-up by yourself.  We guarantee you will meet other amazing women and melt into each other’s hearts throughout your journey.

For established groups and organizations: invite a group of 8-12 women and let’s get started.  The only non-negotiable we have is that everyone attends by choice – no "voluntold" participants.  This is transformational and powerful healing work, which makes it essential for all participants to be willing to push the edges of their own comfort zone while offering their support and full presence to others.  This allows us to create a safe space for the collective group to share, learn and grow together.

Hey, we know our selected locations might not work for everyone.  Grace is flexible and loves an inspiring road trip.  Give us some context about your group and we will make something happen while maintaining the integrity of our offering.

“The women I love and admire for their strength and grace did not get that way because shit worked out.  They got that way because shit went wrong and they handled it.  They handled it a thousand different ways on a thousand different days, but they handled it.  Those women are my superheroes.”  

– Elizabeth Gilbert


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